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May 16, 2017

If you’re looking for a vacation hot spot Costa Rica is the place for you, literally! Out of Costa Rica’s five volcanoes three of them are active to different degrees and all are national parks. It will be worth the trip just to watch your neighbor’s jaw-dropping response to your volcano vacation stories. Arenal is by far the most spectacular. Poas and Irazu have rain water filled lakes and much of the action takes place underwater. XXBR2 Costa Rica is also a hot spot for vacation rental homes. With more than 1200 to choose from you can decide if you need to stay near a volcano or simply use your vacation rental villa as a jumping off point. Let’s start with the most active volcano. XXBR2 Arenal Volcano XXBR2 * By far the most spectacular in Costa Rica boasting daily eruptions. At times youhear rumbling and feel it rumbling under your feet. It’s the world’s 3rd most active volcano and is about a 3 hour drive or a brief 30 minute flight from the capital city of San Jose. Attractions such as natural hot springs, spas, Arenal Observatory, hiking, 5 species of toucans, zip lining, canyoning, a Sky Tram gondola ride and white water river rafting make it an exciting adventure destination. The nearby town of La Fortuna is charming but don’t stay there – it’s far from the action. XXBR2 * This 4,000 yr old 5,271 foot volcano is pocketed with air vents that allow gases to escape and provide a constant release of pressure. There are still several eruptions a day but these relatively minor explosions are just enough to make for spectacular viewing but not enough tomake you cry “Mommy!” XXBR2 * You’ll need to stay 2-3 nights as the volcano is often shrouded in cloud cover. It’s odd but the best viewing is during the rainy season from May to November when the clouds often part like the Red Sea to reveal one of Costa Rica’s most spectacular natural wonders. XXBR2 * No need to pay a park entrance fee as Arenal is visible from the main road. XXBR2 Poas Volcano XXBR2 * Only an hour and half drive away from San Jose this 8,659 feet high volcano has frequent small geyser and lava eruptions but not nearly as spectacular as Arenal. XXBR2 * Of its three craters, only one of them is active at nearly a mile wide and 984 feet deep – one of the widest in the world. On a clear day you may be able to see to the bottom of the small rain-filled lake and spot openings that emit gases and steam named fumaroles. Sometimes you can see geyser type eruptions or bubbly emissions on the surface. The best time of yr to visit is during the dry season January through April. Poas National Park is open from 8 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. every day. It’s important to arrive very early as the cloud cover is unpredictable and the main crater may not be visible for hours. There’s a beautiful hike through the park to Botos Lagoon you don’t need to miss. XXBR2 Irazu Volcan• XXBR2 * This 11,260 ft. volcano is the tallest in Costa Rica with an eerie moonscape created by eruptions in the early 1960’s. On a crystal clear day you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. XXBR2 * Of its several craters two of them are worth viewing. The largest puts on a show of steam that rises into the sky. The other, Diego de la Haya has a mineral-rich lake that varies in color from jade green to red depending upon the concentration of minerals on any given day. XXBR2 * The best time to visit is March through April. High winds are common yr round. The national park is open from 8:00 A.M. to 3 P.M. Visit as early in the morning as you can before clouds obscure the views. XXBR2 If you’ve been seeking a new thrilling kind of vacation, Costa Rica’s volcanoes will deliver. Add a couple of tours such as zip lining through the rain forest canopy and white water river rafting and you’ll have any epic tales to tell. Remember higher altitudes mean cooler weather, so bring along any layers of clothing to stay comfortable. XXBR2 With so many vacation rental homes listed online and in directories, you’ll have no trouble finding one in just the perfect location for you. If you prefer to stay in an outlying area pick one of the volcanoes just outside San Jose for a day trip or stay at Arenal for a couple of nights then head to your vacation villa. What are you waiting for? Paradise awaits! XXBR2

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