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May 19, 2017

If you are planning for a family getaway this holiday, Caribbean is one of the best destinations that you can think about ensuring a relaxing and exciting break. Caribbean family vacations are in great demand thanks to the year-round gorgeous weather, stunning beaches, energetic sport and other activities, lively nightlife and above all pleasing culture and friendly people. Caribbean is the perfect destination for all those vacationers who need an all-inclusive beach oasis for their kids and family. Choosing an island for perfect Caribbean family vacations is a difficult task since this crescent-shaped group of islands constitutes over 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays. This article intends to assist you in selecting an ideal island destination in Caribbean. XXBR2 Ideal Destinations for Caribbean Family Vacations XXBR2 Some of the most popular islands for Caribbean family vacations are Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad. Tourism is the biggest contributor to the economies of Antigua, Barbuda, Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. Caribbean also has the distinction of being one of the tropical destinations that is in close proximity to the US and the UK. This also is one of main factors that make the region a top family vacation spot. XXBR2 Anguilla XXBR2 Anguilla is good as a beach destination for Caribbean family vacations. This tiny island boasts good-natured local culture, deluxe, good number of gourmet restaurants, a few architecturally remarkable hotels, and snorkeling and scuba sport activities. Anguilla ensures well-appointed but modest holidays. The island lacks mega, all-inclusive resorts. XXBR2 Antigua XXBR2 Antigua is an eco-adventure wonderland with stunning pristine sand beaches. This medium-sized island boasts 365 small beaches and is touted as a perfect destination for Caribbean family vacations. The region has a number of resorts to suit different budget and taste preferences. Antigua is not ideal for serious divers. XXBR2 Barbados XXBR2 Barbados is the most British island and has lots of direct flights from the UK. This safe and friendly island with distinctly British heritage features any all-inclusive resorts and a variety of beaches that are perfect for surfers, wind-surfers, budget sunbathers etc. XXBR2 British Virgin Islands (BVI) XXBR2 The BVI is a less-developed and secluded edition of the US Virgin Islands consisting of sixty tiny but strikingly beautiful islands. The island is a haven for divers and snorkelers who come with their families to enjoy their holidays. The region boasts the RMS Rhone, the most admired wreck dives in the world. XXBR2 Bahamas XXBR2 Constituting 700 islands Bahamas is a popular spot for Caribbean family vacations offering large number of options of the Caribbean Flights. The region boasts remote hideaways and lush mega-resorts and presents all-embracing tourism opportunities in all prices and classes. Island-hopping explorers and divers find it an ideal destination to relax and unwind. Bahamas serves as a quick escape spot for Americans thanks to its close proximity to the US. XXBR2 If you are traveling with little daredevils, Caribbean Islands offer numerous opportunities of fun and excitement and is often preferred as the most adored destination for Caribbean family vacations across the globe. XXBR2

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