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May 22, 2017

A land that is as diverse as it is beautiful, Western India is an awe inspiring cultural and historical hub, rich with lively festivals, mystical legends and long stretches of glittering white sand beaches. Noshir Lavangia takes a trip. XXBR1 —————————————————————————————– XXBR2 An exciting and enigmatic land, a vacation in West India is the wonderful way to unwind and enjoy a holiday. For those interested in a historical family vacation, head to marvellous Maharashtra or gorgeous Gujarat and get your fill of ancient legends, historical figures and architectural wonders. This is also the ideal destination for nature lovers, as this region is replete with lush forests and gorgeous beaches. XXBR2 Marvellous Maharashtra XXBR2 A West India family vacation to Maharashtra lets you and your family visit places like Pune, Shirdi and Aurangabad. This incredible land has a glorious past, rich with tales of the Maratha Empire, and is also the home of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the legend. Maharashtra is scattered with beaches just waiting to be discovered. This is also the best place to buy the popular Himroo Shawls and Paithani Saris. XXBR2 Attractions: XXBR1 Samadhi Mandir, the holy shrine of Sai Baba XXBR1 Shani Shingnapur, a tribute to Lord Shani XXBR1 City tour of Panchakki, known as the Water Wheel XXBR1 Bibi Ka Maqbara, a black marble imitation of the famous Taj Mahal XXBR1 Ajanta and Ellora Caves XXBR1 Ghrishneshwar Temple XXBR1 Devgiri Fort XXBR2 Gorgeous Gujarat XXBR2 An intoxicating mixture of fascinating civilisations, Gujarat is a land of exotic cultures and the birthplace of mythological and legendary figures like Lord Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. Home to wild populations of several endangered species such as the Asiatic lion, the Great Indian Bustard, the Indian Wild Ass, the Chinkara, the Lesser Florican, its natural scenic beauty, and colourful canvas of vibrant hilly regions, deserts, deciduous and teak forests and secluded beaches, contrast with its many architectural wonders. Gujarat has hundreds of intricately carved, white-marble Jain temples that are spectacularly detailed, classic examples of subterranean architecture. XXBR2 Attractions in Gujarat include: XXBR1 Sun Temple at Modhera XXBR1 Mahavir Swami Derasar in Dhandherwad XXBR1 Lothal Harappan archeological site XXBR1 Palitana temples XXBR1 Gir Sanctuary XXBR1 Kamleshwar Dam Reservoir XXBR1 Nogoya Beach XXBR1 St. Paul’s Church XXBR1 Diu Museum XXBR2 A vacation in West India is sure to be fun for the entire family. Ask your tour operator for the best packages available for a family vacation to Gujarat or Maharashtra. XXBR2 —————————————————————————————- XXBR2 Noshir Lavangia has been working in the travel and airline industry since the last 15 years. A travel buff with vast knowledge of Gujarat tour packages, here he advises on travel and Vacation Packages to west India. XXBR2

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